3 Type in your name, email address, or phone number.
8 Type details into the "Additional Info" box.
Konten und Seiten, die eine fremde Identität verwenden, sind auf Facebook nicht erlaubt.
Why would I not be able to list a wine rack, pet carrier numerous other items?
Hinweis: Die oben genannten Schritte beziehen sich auf das Melden eines Facebook-Profils.Finding bugs and glitches is actually a big-money industry, and Facebook definitely doesn't want any weaknesses in their platform.If that does not work, you can report the images that are taken of you without consent to whichever platform they are being posted.You can also choose to log out of your account on all devices if you think your account has been maliciously appropriated.Afl mai multe, inclusiv despre setrile disponibile: Politica de utilizare a modulelor cookie.Um eine Facebook-Seite zu melden, die eine Person des öffentlichen Lebens nachahmt, fülle bitte dieses Formular aus.This option is beneath the "Password" field in the top right corner of your screen.For example, if you're having a problem with an voegt adult dating gratis personnels sittes impostor account, you'd select the "Privacy and Safety" section and then click Hacked and Fake Accounts.Are solely seeking an apology from the business?3 Type in your Facebook email address.Make sure the name listed here directly matches the name on your account.

This is at the top of the screen, directly beneath the search bar- you'll need to drag your mouse cursor over each option to view its subsections.
If she doesn't have access to the email account, she should not be able to get the password.
Select a relevant section.Privacy and Safety - Addresses account security, unfriending people, and hacked/fake accounts.Here, you'll need to click the "Yes" or "No" checkbox for each of the following questions: Is this an employee/employer complaint?5 Click Proceed to Complaint Form.You can also check out the "Questions You May Have" and "Popular Topics" sections on this page, since they cover common issues and complaints.You can politely ask them not to post the pictures.6 Click on a file location.Submit Tips If you can't find the issue about which you wish to contact Facebook in the Help Center, try looking in the Community section-the posts there are usually better-suited to outlying cases.You should include all of the following: The problem you're encountering The steps you took to resolve the problem The issues you ran into while attempting to resolve the problem Any potential solutions and/or suggestions you can think of 8 Scroll down and click Submit.4 Fill out the Qualification Questions form.