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Norris Photograph 2011 AIS Convention October The Gardens at Hetley Park Stephanie Markham Garden Reports 2011 AIS Convention October C Dream Team Kelly.
Chester Allen, Dave Hall, Les Rowland June 1965" Photograph January zoek sex partner toronto "Popularity Poll, '65 Corrected List" AIS Top-100 Favorite Iris B Ira.
Ladd Test Gardens January New Rochelle Mrs.Knowlton Reports all regions April Special List of Judges for Dwarf Iris Reports Dwarf April Judges in England Reports England April Alphabetical Table Species of the Genus Iris.Henry Lee Grant Garden Reports September Iris Impressions Carl Carpenter Commentary September Comments Virginia.Van Name Commentary July "An Iris Seedling, come to Judgment" Judges Training July Annual Meeting Sherman.Dasch Photograph July The American Iris Society Convention Convention "Huntsville, Alabama" July B "Jimmy Burch, Virginia Messick and Don Denny in Don's garden" Larry Harder Photograph July B "Ethel Ricker, Marie McGahee and Vera Ludden in Marie's garden" Larry Harder Photograph July B Rosa Belle.Lena Lothrop Obituary "charter member Southern California Iris Society, author" April Iris Stylosa "Mrs.

Works Photograph Photograph April Canadians Hold Meeting Mrs.
Graves Obituary Hybridizer October AIS Meeting of Directors Geddes Douglas Financial Reports October Congratulations.
Gersdorff Registrations Introductions March Dykes Medals 1934 Awards March Policy of Awards Awards March "Notice of Annual Meeting, Nashville, Tenn" Meetings March Correction Judges Ballot April Foreword.Norris Editor's Letter Weed Control Nutsedge and wild onions October B Kelly.Larsen, Alton Metcalf, Charles Whiting" Obituary January AIS Judges 1985 Judges Training January Minutes of the Board of Directors Meeting.Hayward Obituary July In memoriam: Lulu Warren Bender Obituary July In memoriam: Mrs.Watkins Obituary Former AIS Secretary January Fomeo (Millet et Fils 1912) Median El Paso Times Photograph Best Specimen at Show by Mrs.Bernard Lowenstein Photograph Region 23 RVP January B Joe.Welsh Photograph October The Best of '77 Paul.Wilkie" Photograph Iris Society of Dallas April B Irish Lullaby Photograph April B June Symphony Photograph April B Neva Sexton Photograph July Ftepping Out Schreiner's Gardens Photograph July From the President's Desk President's Letter July Nematode Control on Irises "Abbott, Revis" Disease/Pests July At Home.

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"In Memoriam: Robert Schreiner, " "Jones, B Keppel, K" "Schreiner, Robert" January "In Memoriam: Eleanor McCown, " "Brooks, Bob" "McCown, Eleanor Shepp" January B AIS Board Meeting Minutes "Lowe, Anne." Fall-2000 Board Meeting January "Sutton, George Margaret" Photograph January AIS Convention Preview "Bury, Jane".