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Conflict using a variety of naughty mini-games: Taunt, Flirt, Fib and others vrouw zoekt gratis sex st gallen to stand up against bullies, cozy up to boyfriends, and evade oppressive expectations.
Gain experience and level up the talents of your gang members.
Encounter nearly a hundred individual personalities.
Expose the town's depraved secret before it entraps your girls.Battle petty townsfolk with quick, naughty games: Fib, Flirt, Taunt.Explore four beautiful game boards, dozens of character cards, and thousands of dialog cards (worn and aged from decades of neglect) which comprise the zany world of an American small town in the 1920s.Gather a gang of girls.Wind your way through an epic of literary satire in an fantastical world where nothing is real but all is true, during a mythic time of social upheaval.

The epic sweep of an RPG unlike any game previous.
Conquer increasingly more powerful faculty and townsfolk as the story develops from the curious, to the weird, to the absurd, finally to collapse down a frozen crevasse of all too real inhumanity.
This is the game where good girls get better by being bad!
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Acquire dozens of prizes to swing games in your favor and help others along your journey.Win boyfriends willing to sacrifice themselves for affection.The humor of social satire at a zany point in history.The challenge of verbal battles woven intricately with the story.Win boyfriends and other useful prizes.The approachability and accessibility of a board game.

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