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He undoubtedly rendered the national cause a great service by exposing and condemning on every suitable occa- sion disloyalty and treason of Northerners and the wicked- ness of those that sjrmpathize with slavery.
Die Braut, die Kinner un der Mann, Die Bluma, 's Grass, der Vogelsang, Die Blatter, Summer alles geht als anni So sing des Dehrle dagelang.
A Pennsylvania Ger- man and English Dictionary.265 for keeping Reading to the front while Allentown was pluming herself on her Dutch " Pinafore the Philadel- phia Inquirer sagely remarked : " In a certain sort of way it may be all right for those Reading fellows who cannot sing to allude.Keller's poems are included in the collection published by Daniel Miller, Reading,.The present writer re- calls an incident of last sunmier, when certain classes were very anxious to know whether the daughter of one of our ex-Presidents indulged in cigarettes.Wasser Lied (after Felner).p.Proceedings of the Pennsylvania-German Society.Pennsylvania German-English and English-Pennsylvania German circ.And oh, how I long, how I yearn to be there.As a first attempt (II) to make this interesting German American dialect the vehicle of lit- erary expression, the book may be pronounced a decided success." One of the facts hinted at in the above had been noted in the Bethlehem Times, Bethlehem,., several.Mer gebt die Schuld dem Deufel.Dann bin ich widder jung un klee Wie ich vor lang gcwest Mei Herz wcrd weiss wie Chrischdag's schnec, Mei Leeb die allerbescht.Digitized by Google 368 The PennsylvaniaGerman Society.

How Penn- sylvania German is spoken and written.
" In order to read your Dutch a German must first learn to read English "very true." Review of book and article.
Zimmer- man's Pennsylvania-German work, and Zinmierman in his turn published a merciless review of his critic's book in the Reading Times and Dispatch; Rauch's controversy with those who did not spell as he did was perennial, and Zim- merman continued to pile up evidence.En Neie Sart Rigcl-wake."Der Dengelstock." Pennsylvania German, Vol.Em Home Sei Buch, arabische escort 1875, ist.,.The Pennsylvania-German dialect in this way effectively expresses the simplicity, honesty, inno- cence, pathos and beauty of the daily life of these people and the experiences which they have made as part of their history.And when to my grave I shall slowly be borne.