escort auxiliary speaker

Escort: By the direction of the Consul Commander I present to you this obligated stranger for further instruction and consecration.
Com.: My friend, the scene you have just witnessed and in which you have taken a part, was not intended to be an occasion of amusement, but the way we have chosen to impart to you certain lessons regarding our Order and your relation.
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Floral offerings of any kind should be provided for each member of the team.
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Thou art my slave.
Com., gives two raps with beetle: Adviser Lieutenant, fraternally announce to the Sovereigns in your portion of the Forest that the Consul Commander is about to close this session of the Camp.
Available options listed below trailer hookup - gooseneck with 2-5/16 30,000.Escort with candidate also retire.I will now instruct you in the several signs and tests of this fraternity:.We emulate their example by drinking pure water, an example of moderation which it will do well for you to heed.Others speculated that Root visualized himself as the root that would grow into a shelter, protecting members from financial disaster.Long may our Sovereigns stand, A firm, united band, Strong pillars in our land, Our pride and love.Here shone the busy eye, once moist with tears, For sad misfortune or decrepit years, Have spoke the silent eloquence of love, Or borne its message, like the carrier dove, Fromheart to heart in far and distant lands, Uniting all with Friendships golden bands; Here.

Candidate must grasp the helve of the axe and two members each place one hand upon the hand of the candidate and their other hand upon one of his shoulders, and in this position the candidate shall repeat after the Consul Commander the obligation.
Ishmaelite Speaker: Fifteen pieces of silver.