We hope to achieve qualitative changes by late 2013, including zoek oudere vrouw a stage-by-stage introduction of de krant van lincoln essex computerised workstations for doctors with a capacity for continuous remote training, TV consultations with colleagues, assistance in decision-making and a reduction in paperwork.
The key systemic document specifying the targets, objectives and ways of developing the national healthcare system up to 2020 is the state federal programme of healthcare development based on the adopted federal law On the Principles of Health Protection of the Russian Federations Citizens.
But we should use these funds wisely, and you have been informed on all programmes.
In 2012, the Ministry of Healthcare, in cooperation with the Federal Tariff Service, amended the Methodology to Set the Maximum Prices of Medications Included in the List of Essential and Most Important Medications.All plans should be completed on time.The Government endorsed a state programme for the development of healthcare, a strategy for pharmaceutical supplies for the population to 2025 and a roadmap for an effective system of medical aid, including outpatient and hospital treatment and high-tech centres for the most complicated cases.Dmitry Medvedev: "The quality of medical aid directly depends on the qualification of doctors and nurses, who must continuously upgrade their skills.The Ministry has permanents contacts with the Civic Chamber, non-profit healthcare organisations and physicians associations.In 2013, the funding for the programme for state guarantees is enough to implement it for all types of diseases, using insurance payments and budget means, without using the patients money.

At this meeting, well sum up what has been done and determine our plans for the near future.
The Country Doctor programme helped to ease the problem by channeling nearly 8,000 young specialists to rural areas.
The resolution of these ambitious tasks will require serious organisational and financial planning.
Nevertheless, some regions and medical institutions temporarily reduced salaries at the beginning of 2013 as a result of the delayed adoption of the relevant regulatory documents and because of insufficiently well thought-out decisions by regional tariff commissions.Dmitry Medvedev: "Last year the Government adopted a strategy for the development of medical research to 2025.Importantly, the scale of infrastructure, personnel, financial and economic problems that have accumulated in our sector over the decades requires parallel development of all interconnected and mutually dependent areas of the healthcare sector.The annual turnout of interns and hospital physicians comes to 22,000.All these protocols and standards were posted on the official website.You will encounter many nuances, because this activity is complicated and also very important the lives and health of millions of people depend.Measure continued in 2012 within the framework of the priority national healthcare project on additional preventive medical check-us of working individuals, teenagers and children in tough situations.The basic directions of the pending transformations in healthcare were determined by the executive orders of the Russian President of instructions issued in developing these orders to the Government.The year 2012 was also marked by.6 increase in the birth rate, from.6.3 per 1,000 people.It should focus on creating mechanisms for interdepartmental coordination with a view to conducting uniform state healthcare policy.A differentiated approach was applied during the development of the new programme to determine the volume and nature of preventive medical examinations for various gender and age categories, with due account for differences and thedevelopmental probability of various health disorders and diseases, and also with.