I love Palace and Arsenal in equal amounts.
It will be the same feeling I used to get as a player, when I knew I had trained well and was ready for the game but the anticipation of playing and hoping that I would do well would still affect me beforehand.
Seriously, though, I know what vrouwen leren kennen mainz 'Pards' is capable of but right now only he knows what his team can.
I am so happy for my friend and old Eagles team-mate Alan Pardew, who is proving what a good coach.And vrouwen kennen de club the pressure is really on Arsene Wenger's side already after what happened to them against the Hammers.That is exactly the sort of point I will be making on Match of the Day this Saturday.They look set to have a very exciting season.Obviously Arsenal have got a special place in my heart because my great friend, the late David Rocastle, used to play for them with me and I won all the medals I wanted to win there.It will be a massive test for the Gunners.This weekend will be my first appearance on motd for seven years and I cannot wait.Palace, in contrast, are buzzing right now.After the frying pan, into the fire?That decision was ridiculous and it really was the beginning of the end for me - it is an Armageddon moment if it sets the tone for decisions for the rest of this campaign.Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger had a day to forget as his side lost to West Ham last weekend.

Making my return to Match of the Day.
Cameron Jerome's goal for Norwich was disallowed on the opening day of the 2015-16 season.
The show has been an integral part of my life since I was a child.
Team, games, goals, palace (1986-91) 277 117, arsenal (1991-98) 289 185, if I go and watch either team play in other games and they score against different opposition then of course I celebrate but, against each other, I have got to be respectful to both.But in the same way I have got a special love for Palace because they gave me the opportunity to play professionally and I would never have tasted any glory without making that first step.I know referees are always very whistle-happy at this stage of the season but, if you are disallowing goals for an overhead kick where the ball has gone before the defender's head is anywhere near it, then where do you stop?Ian Wright will join Gary Lineker and Jermaine Jenas on motd at 22:20 BST on BBC One on Saturday.It didn't look like they saw it coming either, and that shows the problem with their mentality - they did not look ready and it appeared they just expected things to happen, rather than making them.With Match of the Day, I will have done my homework on the teams I will be analysing so again I will be fully prepared, but again I will be thinking about putting that work into practice, and live TV is always a buzz.When I first started out as a pundit, it was always quite nerve-wracking to appear on Match of the Day because it was such an institution, and it still.Ian Wright's record for Palace and Arsenal.The only positive I can think about this fixture from Arsenal's point of view is that they are away from home.If, in years to come, Terminators take over the world and people ask me 'where did it all start?' I will say it was when.They have got creativity, pace, power and experience and it is frightening to think what they are capable of if they click.