One asks: "Can you tell me what is in that suitcase on the de universiteit van essex oral health science rack over your head?" And the other answers: "Oh, that's a McGuffin." The first wants to know what a McGuffin is, and the other explains: "A McGuffin is a device for trapping.
Hitchcock was the first to use the term McGuffin.
In Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, for example, there is a portentous suitcase.The paradigm of the McGuffin is in The Maltese Falcon, perhaps the most garrulous movie in the history of cinema.But at the end, the coveted falcon, for which so many words have been uttered and bullets fired, is a worthless imitation made of lead, a mere element of suspense that has kept the story going.In Psycho, for example, Janet Leigh's initial journey turns out escort schatjes to be fairly irrelevant to the story, but it does perform the function of keeping us in a state of permanent suspense.And is not the Civil War the package, the suitcase, the deadly little box in the career of more than one Spanish writer?Someone sent me a tweet, in Spanish, mentioning his "esmarfon." In the face of the unknown I crossed my fingers, as did the early kings of Rome.But it turned out be a smartphone, a cellphone with more computer capacity than that of an ordinary cellphone.

And this reminds me that in The Aspern Parers, by Henry James, the documents of the dead writer - which we guess that the young investigator will never find - are a perfect McGuffin.
Was Ingravallo married to a McGuffin?
The McGuffins, a perfect couple, have promised to tell me the secret without causing me any mental disturbance.
We meet McGuffins on every street corner of life.
I have to leave now for a moment because I have a lunch date with the McGuffins.My friend John Williams Wilkinson was the first to explain it to me, thus: Two men are in a train compartment.Do you, dear reader, know what a McGuffin is?They have told me that, just before dessert, they will reveal to me "the enigma of the universe" - that secret which Falter (a Nabokov personality) knew and would never reveal to anyone, ever since he whispered it into the ear of his psychiatrist, and.I have already told them that on my side there is no problem.The plot of John Huston's film is built around the energetic and talkative search for the gold figurine of a falcon, which was the tribute the Knights of Malta paid to the Spanish king in return for their island.