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Girls, take your best gal-pal if you're going to watch it, buy a box of popcorn and use your most sarcastic witticisms to heckle the terrible script.
If the desert is too hot for you, check out the Atlas Mountains.
Read these tips for Women traveling in Africa and also keep in mind that violent crime is extremely rare in Morocco.Sex and the, city 2 (US release were all shot in Morocco.Slightly irritating is the fact that actors don't know how to wear their headscarves and veils properly, with the sheilas tightly wrapped but revealing the hairline and the face veils dipping to show half the nose, which just looks a bit peculiar.The problem is not only lazy recycling of 1940s Hollywood biopics about the Middle East; in addition, it's easy to believe that the comments the four actors make are in fact what the women might actually think in real life.There are lots of tourists in Morocco and the people are generally tolerant.For the desert, follow the girls to Erfoud, or Merzouga (see above).Ten years ago, satc made it acceptable for women to be independent, single and interested in sex.Satc2 gang rode camels, strolled through the markets (souks and spent their nights, along with recommendations on where you could stay in Morocco at these, sex and the, city locations and create your own fashionably fabulous vacation.The Emirati women take off their abayas and veils to reveal that they are wearing the spring collection from Louis Vuitton.

Rabat is often overlooked by visitors, but it's easy to get to by train from Casablanca (1hr) or Marrakech (4hrs).
The Hot Desert Scenes All the desert scenes in satc2 were filmed in Morocco, in the Western Saharan dunes south of Erfoud, just outside a small town of Merzouga.
Check out the medina, the kasbah and just enjoy the ocean breeze and relative tranquility.
Mopeds battle for the right of way with donkeys in the narrow alleyways filled with shops selling steel, wool, and live chickens.Since the movie could not actually be filmed in Abu Dhabi, it was filmed.I imagine that the writers meant to show that the Middle Eastern women were inspired by their counterparts to throw off their veils and liberate themselves.Marrakech, the Amanjena Hotel is the amazing, palace-like hotel you see featured in the satc2 preview.La Mamounia Hotel is a spectacular 5-star hotel just outside the medina walls of Marrakech.Kristin Davis, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Nixon filming in Merzouga, Morocco.The main thoroughfares are crammed with shoppers, tourists and kids going to school.She also wonders: "what is a souq?" And this from someone who is supposedly a freelance writer for Vogue.They are smuggled into a shop that turns out to be a front for a women's book club, and Samantha bonds with one of the niqab-wearing women over troublesome menopausal hot flashes.If geslacht dader lijst jackson county (missouri) you feel inspired to visit Morocco after watching Sex and the City 2, you may wonder if it's safe to travel as a woman alone, or with a group.At Travel Exploration we guarantee that you will discover the best of Morocco!While independence and autonomy are important, maybe Middle Eastern women think there is a different way to achieve them than through the self-obsessed, fashion-focused, emotionally unstable way that this film displays.Indeed Sex in the City has left New York for majestic.