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Countries where computer use is not so common will often have lower rates of reference to equally notable material, which may therefore appear (mistakenly) non-notable.
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A site-specific search may help determine if most of the matches are coming from the same web site; a single web site can account for hundreds of thousands of hits.Bevor Michael endlich in mich eindrang, erlebte ich bereits einen ungeahnt intensiven Orgasmus Seit diesem ersten Erlebnis mit ze is op zoek naar erotiek Michael bin ich total neugierig worden, was er noch alles mit mir anstellen will.To exclude partial matches when Googling for the phrase," the phrase to be matched as follows: "Madonna of the Rocks".E.g., The journal Stroke puts papers on-line back through 1970s.A search for the most common spelling of El Niño will often report it spelt "El Nino without the diacritic.Google indexes self-created pages and media pages which do not have a neutrality policy.Article subject: If it's about some historical person, one or two mentions in reliable texts might be enough; if it's some Internet neologism or a pop song, it may be on 700 pages and might still not be considered 'existing' enough to show any notability."Sizing the Internet" (PDF)format requires url ( help ).Depending on the type of query and kind of search engine, this variety can open up to a single author.

Usage, identify a term's notability.
A manageable sample of results found should be opened individually and read, to actually verify their relevance.
Extracting accurate and complete results from search engines: Case study Windows Live.
Er war mir auf Anhieb sympathisch.Because the sources are very different, hit numbers are not comparable, however Group searches are particularly helpful in identifying matters which might be discussed, or whose presence may have been artificially inflated by promotional techniques; it is suspicious if a phrase gets, say, 100,000 Web.There is a high demand milf hoer for reliability on Wikipedia.For the argument about "many google hits" in deletion discussions, see.Guarantee that the results reflect the uses you mean, rather than other uses.A highly ranked web site may well have nothing written about it, or a poorly ranked web site may well have a lot written about.