As a op zoek naar een vrouw fresh medical graduate, he began his work as a prosector.
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(Würzburg, with portraits, bibliographic data, and a biography.In 1883 he moved into a new physiological institute.He was only able to wear his contact lenses for a few hours because they caused irritation to the eyes.Blankenberge, Belgium, ) physiology, physical medicine.Mathematics Subject Classification: 78Optics, electromagnetic theory.

He was a man of high moral sense, pious but without any formal church affiliation.
Fick remained in Zurich from 18, first as prosector in anatomy de universiteit van essex alumni with Ludwig until 1855, subsequently as associate professor of the anatomical and physiological auxiliary sciences until 1861, and later as full professor of physiology.
Notable was his successful attempt to demonstrate, against the opinion held by French scientists, that electrical stimulation of the anterior marginal bundles of the spinal cord was possible.
Whenever possible, the fundamental capabilities of the organisms components and to explain them on the basis of general physicochemical laws of nature.We welcome any additional information.Fick possessed a crystal-clear manner of thinking and writing.Fick managed to double-publish his law of diffusion, as it applied equally to physiology and physics.Gürber, and Jacques Loeb.When this simple technique met with general enthusiasm among her friends, she decided to market her idea.(Leipzig, 1879 Dioptrik und Lichtempfindung, ibid., III,.Fick found that contraction is a function not only of the intensity of nerve stimulation but also the duration of the stimulus.He reflected on the phenomena of color vision and arrived at a confirmation of Helmholtz three component theory (1880) but raised essential reservations in regard to Ewald Herings theory.In this procedure the arm, for example, is placed in a rigid, water-filled vessel to which a narrow upright tube is attached.His work led to the development of the direct Fick method for measuring cardiac output.