Since the event is for the benefit and enjoyment of the participants, then the person who can recruit participants to the event is typically also the person who sets the theme of the event.
If the meeting is in a community center, like a library, museum, college, or similar, then confirm with a host that everyone has a space to meet.
As you plan your event, start here and modify this plan as appropriate for your situation.
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For meetings in other languages/places please use the interlanguage links from this page.
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Some meetups are for discussing Wikimedia projects, while others have the goal of convening people to edit.
Some meetups are in person but online programs and events amsterdam prostitute murdered are great too.Anyone can organize a Wikimedia meetup.Use other media outside of Wikipedia to advertise to non-Wikipedia users Post a notice at the relevant page of m Post a couple nzc escort of notices on Craigslist (free).Consider whether you want any sort of agenda for the meetup (like a discussion on a specific topic, or forming a local chapter ).If the themes match what you want, then great.