In Tuscany Bee Warburton Scientific Drs.
William McGarvey, Nathan.
Long Photograph April Iris Hybridizers' Seminar "Dunbar, Bonnie" Hybridizing Beginning Hybridizers April National Test Garden Evaluation Austin Morgan Test Gardens April Exhibition Judging of TB Irises "Bledsoe, William T" Judges Training Show Bench Judging April B "Fred.
"Cross, Libby A" Robins April Bheasant Feathers Photograph April Fenver Convention Unidentified TB Photograph April.Pollock Photograph October B John.Clyde and Ruth Wooten" Photograph October From Colorado Springs Lee gratis homo dating duitsland Shoemaker Garden report October B Long's Gardens Photograph October Experiences with Bacterial Soft Rot Robby Browne Disease/Pests October B Sheer Poetry Photograph October.Mohr Judges Training April A Matter of Judgment Peg Edwards Judges Training April Domestic News Fred Stephenson Commentary April B American Horticultural Society headquarters William Barr Photograph River Farm main house April International News Bee Warburton International April Flightlines Sam Reece Robins April C Fiction.Carter Obituary January In Memoriam: Leonard Jugle Obituary January In Memoriam: George Livingston Obituary January In Memoriam: Mary Ruggles Obituary January Regional Test Garden Award '77 Test Gardens January High Commendation '77 Awards January Perspective: The Presby Garden Garden Review January Minutes of the Board.Castle Fletcher Fulvio Frighi Photograph April B Reception in Florence Iris Garden.Waters" Photograph January Two Distinguished Service Medals Awarded Awards January From Whence Green?

McCulla, Rose Parsons, Esther Terrill " Obituary April In memoriam: William Edwards Levingston Obituary April In memoriam: Molly Price Obituary April In memoriam: Carl.
Randolph, Marion Walker." "Blackwell,." Photograph July B "Dr John C Wister, Mrs Wister and Barbara Walther" "Wood, Ira" Photograph July B Hubert Fischer and Mrs Fischer "Blackwell,." Photograph July "Dr.
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Duffy Commentary October Notes - Odd Notes from various sources Commentary October Notes - Notes on Beardless Irises Beardless Iris October Convenient Planting for the Nursery and Show Garden Garden Reports Varietal Comments October Black List Discussion News October Black List Discussion - on policies.Photograph October B Mrs.Duffy Letters to the Editor October "Tid-bits 25th Fall Bloom; Handy-kinks; the Sass Seedlings; Planting; combinations; A Leavenworth Garden; Descriptions; Iris Borer, Iris Roll-Call etc." Letters to the Editor October Score Card Commentary July Intermediates Comments by the Brothers Sass and Sherman Duffy Median Iris.Gersdorff Registration/Introductions Supplement to Iris Check List 19 87 1 Editor's Bulletin Board Editor's Letter Bulletin information from TOC October AIS Awards ' 87 5 New Directors and Officers AIS Business October "Iris Ratings, 1942" October Comments on Varieties Varietal Comments October Report of the.Norris Photograph July Looking Ahead Kelly.Lapham June Iris Notes of 1936 Edward Salbach varietal comments June "Iris Pilgrimage, 1936" Bruce.McKinney Garden Reports October "Descriptions of varieties, Part 3" Registrations Introductions October List of Varieties described Registrations Introductions January The Iris Family and its Native Representatives History Bulletin information from TOC January Practical Points - Sources of Information - Hints to Purchasers Robert Swan Sturtevant.Wister Obituary third treasurer of AIS January An RVP's Talk to His Region Hugo Wall Regional Reports Region 18 RVP January The Iris Garden in Cedar Brook Park Dorothy Dennis Garden Reports January B Trophy (Jack.